Hard Times: not so hard after all 

The morning of my friend Nick’s visit was the same morning Paramore released its new single ‘Hard Times’ and announced their latest album release. News I’d greatly anticipated, a visit I became so apprehensive about. 

Just a few months ago Nick and I made a pact. We’d be each other’s accountability partners in the job hunt. My friend Nick decided things may be bigger in Texas, but his dreams were even bigger. My eyes still set on Atlanta. 

In fact, Nick was visiting because he was to be in an east coast wedding and like the boss he is found a way to set himself up an interview in Philly. I imagined we’d have much to celebrate by the time he made his way down to the Carolinas. He could feel it in his bones he told me, “we’re gonna get these jobs Jordan.” 

Except for Nick’s interview was a a dud, and I hadn’t even met my application goal for the week. I dreaded the visit, but my friend Jazz convinced me to relax challenging me to be nicer to myself. 

That would be the part where the narrator chimes in about how I would later realize I needed this visit more than I could possibly know. 

I embraced my friend Nick and we decided to kick things off at Myrtle Beach. Upon arrival Nick went for a run, more boss stuff, and I cracked open a book called ‘Have You Felt Like Giving Up Lately’, because I felt like giving up lately. 

Nick noticed on his run a ton of cannonball jellyfish washed ashore. He invited me to check them out, and I so bravely suggested we throw them back into the ocean. Now, at the time we definitely thought they stung, so I definitely made Nick go first. We later learned they do not sting and were probably already dead as we buried them back into the sea. Oh well it’s the thought that counts right?

After lunch and our Ferris wheel ride we headed over to The Chemist for “craft cocktails.” And if I may take a moment to review, you must go. The place has a periodic table theme and our waitress was dressed in a full on lab coat. My drinks as follows: Mad Scientist, Molecular Mule, Labtini. 

We wind down once again walking the beach, and out of no where Nick stops me to dance. Despite actually not being able to dance at all I know just the song. We crank up Paramore’s new single and on the beach in the midst of everyone we began to dance. I’m not sure I’ve ever felt more free. This moment forever tied to my top 10. Maybe hard times didn’t have to be so hard after all. My favorite band sure knows how to make them appealing. 

We take a dip into the ocean and I swear I’m in a movie. Friendship is something romantic. 

The next and final day of Nick’s visit we take a hike along the Cape Fear River. We’re talking the future, and I’m sharing more about my dreams, but also my fears. 

When I tell you that my friend, my friend who at the moment questions his own faith looked me in my eyes with tears in his and said to me.

“Jordan, you have to trust God. Life isn’t like the movies and you can’t put your trust in society. There isn’t always this foreshadowing or symbolism either. From what you’ve told me I feel like the next level for you is to put your trust entirely in Him.” 

I wanted to yell ‘cut’ as the Director of the universe had just graced us with one of the most beautiful scenes. I feel it in my bones, He’s about to move. 


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